Beryllium Copper C172 (190)

Copper Alloy C17200 is the most commonly specified copper beryllium alloy. In its age hardened condition, it attains the highest strength and hardness of any commercial copper base alloy. The ultimate tensile strength can exceed 200 ksi, while the hardness approaches Rockwell C45. Also in the fully aged condition, the electrical conductivity is a minimum of 22 percent IACS. C17200 also exhibits exceptional resistance to stress relaxation at elevated temperatures.

EJB ExpressCoils is the online store for E. Jordan Brookes metal strip. We provide small, high quality Beryllium Copper, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Copper, Nickel Silver and Nickel Tin coils. The online store exists to provide an alternative method for our customers to obtain small quantity, high quality materials quickly. All orders are processed at E. Jordan Brookes in accordance with E. Jordan Brookes ISO 9001 and AS9120 procedures. For larger inquiries, items that require slitting, tension leveling, traverse winding, sheeting, or items that require custom sizes or tolerances, please contact E. Jordan Brookes directly.

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Gauge: 0.00250"
Width: 2.000"
Temper: XHM (TM06)
Weight: 31 LB Coil
Price: $2,333.68
Gauge: 0.00300"
Width: 2.000"
Temper: XHM (TM06)
Weight: 28 LB Coil
Price: $1,499.12
Gauge: 0.00300"
Width: 6.000"
Temper: XHMS (TM08)
Weight: 17 LB Coil
Price: $910.18
Gauge: 0.00400"
Width: 0.489"
Temper: XHMS (TM08)
Weight: 40 LB Coil
Price: $2,068.40